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I'm specialized in Goddess worship, height humiliation, soft domination and all kinds of GFE.

I sincerely enjoy everything (or most things). I'm a very curious being so don't hesitate to ask me about anything. If I have never tried it, I will say YES.

Below you see just a few examples of services I offer and how I would describe them. I also offer wrestling, height humiliation and Goddess Worship. But that you already know :D

It's all about staying curious !



*rates differ depending on city and country

1 hour: 600-1200€

2 hours: 800-1600€

4 hours: 1200-2400€

12-16 hours: 3k - 5k€

*all dates longer than 3h most include social time, all dates longer than 6h must include rest, and all dates longer than 12h most include sleep

*rates are normally higher in the US, Switzerland and lower in Stockholm, Berlin



Skype/Cam sex

30min: 150€

1h: 200€


1h: 400-600€

2h: 600-800€

*only softer wrestling / no sex / only underwear

1h: 500-800€

2h: 600-1000€

* all kinds of wrestling, no sex but hj, nude

Dinner or Spa Date / Party Company

1h: 300-400€

2h: 400-500€

3h: 500-600€

6h: 600-1200€

+ foods, taxis, drinks, entrances

* not possible to combine with escorting or other kinds of sessions



If we film our encounter for Only Fans and other similar platforms I give 25-60% discount 


*The size of the discount depends on what we record and how you look. You will need to sign release documents and provide all the documents required by Only fans.

Classic Escort

Not ’conventional’ as in vanilla per se, but conventional as in ’conventional escorting’. Classical and ordinary. This is what you probably think about when you think about escorting and sex. Not spectacular but still quite good.


You can have me as a bit more passive or a bit more active, but not as fully dom or extreme sub –for that see other types of encounter services below.


This encounter includes the possibility of oral, vaginal and analsex. (Vaginal only after and with my instruction and not guaranteed for XL dicks… my pussy is very tight).


Important to know is that in this type of encounters you might need to adjust a bit to my needs and pleasures. If you have a specific fantasy you would like to stage or live this might not be the right service for you.


Take me out to dinner dates. I sincerely love talking about life and all different aspects of it. We can go to your or mine favorite museums and we can discuss what we see and it’s underlying philosophies. After all I have a master degree in fine arts and I’ve studied both art history, philosophy and even theology for several years. If you need to be intellectually stimulated or find a deeper connection with someone this is the encounter for you.


But I’m not only an artist or a bookworm. I’m a party princess, a crazy night animal, too. If you would like to join me or my group of friends for a spectacular night out. Preferably in Berlin since Berlin is the party scene I know best. I can help you pick outfits and find the right style for you. We can go to Berghain or Kit Kat together or any other of the nice parties that I know. And trust me on this on –you’ll be out with the coolest bitchy gang in town.

Girl Friend
Party Girl

The little devil is your own personal slave.

You can do what ever you like with her.

She enjoys being a sex toy, a doll to be used…

pee on her, whip her, slap her, spit on her.

In this encounter I bring forth the aspects of myself that likes sub-ing. The inner ultra-submissive with of myself.

Slave / Sub

Meet the queen or the almighty godess. If you dare?!

Be the worshiper of the godess or the slave of the queen. Which one would you like to meet?

You can be treated roughly by an domina or you can be pegged, fucked in your tiny ass, by a vicious sailor moon.


Domination for me is not just about the physical, it’s mostly about being present. With that said, if you want me to treat you roughly, I’m more than willing, I’m more than capable.


I’m 196cm tall and taller than most men. That makes me the perfect woman for their worship and for their fear.


When I dom I enter a different character and reality. Sometimes I use outfits and costumes to help me reach higher levels of domination. This is especially important when it comes to physical domination.

Dominatrix / Pegg

Meet a truly kinky creature, an alien or something from a complete other world: a vampire, a drag queen, a dragon, an anime or an elf.


This kind of encounter is a truly kinky and strange experience. A lot of people aren’t aware of how much this would actually turn them on.


This type of escorting is mostly popular amongst very well experienced men. Men who have ”tried everything”, but not yet the ultra-strange.


I also normally recommend this kind of escorting to people who have doubts or worries around their own sexuality.

  • People who are scared they can’t get turned on or feel sexual pleasure as they wished they could feel it.

  • People who have fears about feeling attraction towards –according to them– ”inappropriate things”.


Incredible visions and illusions can be created with make-up and clothes. Sometimes you need help by an artist to find that really weird alternative that will make sex work for you.