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I accept booking everywhere in the world as long as the trip is payed for; flight tickets, taxis, decent hotels including all meals of the day. (Normally clients book me on Hilton, Marriott, Park Hyatt or similar)


The price for these kinds of booking depends on the number of days and the level of availability asked of me during these days.


If recurring clients or VIP bookings has a decent home or apartment I may accept a stay at their place.

When I’m home in Berlin I accept longer day bookings in Hamburg. (Train tickets needs to be compensated).

I visit Stockholm monthly and London quarterly. Bookings are welcomed!

Preliminary Schedule: updates regularly

The Hague [NL]


Tel Aviv




24/05 - 29/05

30/05 - 03/06

08/06 - 21/06

22/06 - 28/06

29/06 - 05/07

06/07 - 12/07

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Email: (at)

Telegram: nausi_love

Only Fans:

Signal: +49 178 4714226 

*this number is only for Signal, Whatsapp or Telegram. 

I don't answer calls, texts or SMS.

*Signal is an encrypted messanger app. I recommend clients in Sweden to use this app due to the sex regulations.


When contacting me put a little effort into the message you are sending. Don’t write just ”hi” or ”fuck?” or ”are you free?”



You can write something like this:

I saw your add on Eurogirls and your website and I was fascinated by your thoughts on sex and by your beauty.


I’m Chris, I live in London but I’m coming to Berlin next week-end, and I wonder if you would like to go come to my hotel for dinner and some fun, for a 3 hours booking on Friday or Saturday?

I’m interested in vaginal, anal and oral sex. I’m 35 years old and 180 cm.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Please include the following in your message:

  • Your age(s)

  • Your height(s)

  • The city where you would like the encounter to happen


Attaching a picture of yourself –face or body– is always something that creates a good and serious impression. It’s not required but it will make your request stand out.


If you follow me on Only Fans, please state your Only Fans name and I’ll give you some priority if you have been supporting me for a while.


Support me in exploring sex, escorting, porn and all the different kinds of erotic fantasies and encounters there is. 

My style of escorting is a conscious choice. I always believed I wasn't good at anything but I know now that I'm good at this –at meeting people one by one.


And –I know it sounds funny, strange and paradoxical– but I believe that I can make the world a better place by being an escort in a radically new way. I have decide to never refuse me my own pleasure and I have decide to always give my clients –whoever they may be– the outmost attention and sensibility I can give. 


By this act of presence in such a vulnerable situation that escorting is –not only for me but also for the client– I'm convinced that we –me and my client– together will change into greater versions of ourselves.

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