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My name is Nausi –I'm a giant and goddess– and this is my site for exploring sex, porn and intimacy in new ways.

I’m a professional sex worker, escort and model who genuinely loves the strange and kinky.

On this site I will explain more about who I am and how I work, what kind of services I offer and how you can contact me in a serious way.

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I’m fascinated by the strange and the obscene.

I’m fascinated by the magical and spiritual.

I’m fascinated by the intensity of discovering sexual lusts in new ways and through innovative means.


There’s no proposal or suggestion to strange for me. Maybe I won’t be the right escort for it, but I’m happy to talk with you about it. We could tap a bathtub full of bubbles and discuss the matter while sipping on something sweet.


Some fantasies only needs to be talked about in order to feel fulfilled, while some needs a conversation before being realized properly.


I’m a bisexual, 26 year old, intersex girl from Sweden based in Berlin.


Intersex means I’m born beyond genders. I’m like a physical mix of both –a lot of woman and a little bit of man.


I was born with a pussy that looked different. For instance, I missed the internal parts of the vagina. Today is my pussy more ”conventional”, I have the internal parts etc.


Even though I’m specialized in the strange. I’m not closed to more conventional ways of escorting. I enjoy it very much too.


I also understand that the conventional can be a first step in the journey towards exploring the strange. And most of the time I advice new clients to start with a more conventional encounter.


It’s from what we know –the porn-like, the stereotypical, the basic– that we can walk towards what we don’t know –the new, the hidden, and all that beyond.


I believe sex is great, and that we through sex can encounter ourselves and each other in fantastic and even life changing ways.


Being part of a clients journey in discovering their true desires and hidden (sometimes tabooed) fantasies gives me a kick.


Facilitating a moment of true self discovery and erotic self realisation, does not only help the client in feeling pleasure, fulfillment and happiness; it also make me happy and helps me in further understanding who I am and what I like.



67kg (very thin)

Silicone titts, C

Nice bubble butt

Blond hair

Blue/green eyes


Fluent in Swedish and English

Knows basic French


Email: (at)

Telegram: nausi_love

Only Fans:

Signal: +49 178 4714226 

*this number is only for Signal, Whatsapp or Telegram. 

I don't answer calls, texts or SMS.

*Signal is an encrypted messanger app. I recommend clients in Sweden to use this app due to the sex regulations.


When contacting me put a little effort into the message you are sending. Don’t write just ”hi” or ”fuck?” or ”are you free?”